Bad things sometimes happen to good people

Has anyone ever wondered why bad things happens to good people?  I mean, you are going along, doing the best you can…being honest and helpful then wham!!!  Your life suddenly changes…and not for the better. 

We don’t always understand why it has happened or even like the situation we find ourselves in, but the fact is God is in control.  Have you ever tried to figure out and reason the why behind whatever is causing you misery?  Have you ever gotten mad at God…blaming Him for all the crud that’s going on?  You are not alone.  So do I at time and so did Job.

To make matters worse, Job’s friends didn’t provide comfort to him, but accused him which set him on the defense.  Now, we all have friends that say “I’m only trying to help” but in reality, they are not helping at all.  The point we should get when we read Job is God has divine sovereignty in our lives.  His righteousness is far greater than our own. 

1.  He despises no one and has more strength and understanding than I every will.

2. He doesn’t preserve the life of the wicked, but gives justice to the oppressed.  ***Now…I must say you may not see the justice in this life time, but know it’s coming….I know…sometimes we want it now!***

3. He is always paying attention to us, even when we aren’t paying attention to Him.

4.  If for whatever reason we are in a bind, He is nice enough to tell us our mistakes and will give instruction on how to get out of it. ***The key is listening and being patient (easier said than done).***

5.  He blesses those who decide to obey Him.

 (Job 36:5-12)

Now…this may seem not helpful, but look at it this way as God answered Job (Job 38-41:34).  We don’t know how God created the earth and all the workings of it.  We know there’s gravity, but what started it?  How did the “it” that started “it” start?  Has anyone had the gates of death revealed to them? Can you send out lightning and snow storms?  As a matter of fact who can really predict the weather CORRECTLY 100% of the time anyway?  Now there are scientists who think they know, but in all reality no one really knows but the one who created it. 

God is the standard of justice.  He performs things according to His righteousness.  So…whatever He does is fair, even it we don’t just don’t get it.  What we should be doing is talking to Him to find out the answers.  We should trust the Lord with our lives and know that we won’t understand everything.  We won’t like everything either.  In this life there will be testing.  There is no way to know in what way or form we will be tested. 

Suffering is not always God’s judgement for sin.  Sometimes there is something we need to learn, to do better  or for correction.  I personally believe that God thinks about me and has thoughts of peace, not evil when it comes down to me.  He has showed up and showed out plenty of times in my life.   He wants me to have a future with Him and to trust Him enough to call on Him and pray to Him.  I know for a fact He listens and that He wants to be found.

So…when bad things happen to good people, maybe we should consider that there is something to be learned, changed, or enhanced in that individual and quit trying to list all the things that the person “mustahave” done wrong to be in that predicament.  By the way…you shouldn’t list all the “mustahaves” that you think you did either.  There may not really be a reason, that we can understand, for the crud that happens to us at times.


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